Play the classic African board game against your iPhone, iPod Touch, or another person!


  • Selectable difficulty level
  • Human vs. iPhone or Human vs. Human
  • Select from 3 to 6 starting seeds per pit

This version of Mancala uses standard Kalah rules:

  • Each player's pits are filled with a preset number of seeds
  • On any given turn, a player may sow seeds from any of their pits, proceeding counterclockwise around the board, skipping the opponent's store
  • If the last seed lands in the player's own store, the player gets a free turn
  • If the last seed lands in an empty pit on the player's side, and the opposite pit contains seeds, the player captures both the single seed, and all seeds in the corresponding pit on the opponent's side
  • When either player has no seeds in any of their pits, the other player's seeds move into their store, ending the game
  • At the end of the game, the player with the highest number of seeds in his or her store is the winner
  • More advanced Mancala rule sets, including Oware


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